Personal Stories

Personal Stories

Organ Donor Stories & Transplant Recipient Stories

Organ, tissue and eye donation is all about people.

It’s about the circle of life, how tragedy and loss can bring comfort to the loved ones of donors. The life renewed of the transplant recipient.

And the ripple effect it has on others—family, friends and colleagues.

You will find many organ donation stories on our website, as told by transplant recipients. Yet without organ donors, the circle of life wouldn’t even be able to begin. From our Memory Quilt panels, these are just a few tributes to those who gave the Gift of Life.

Michael Carnevale 1972 – 1999 "The photograph was taken during 9/99 with his daughter Lily at a local fair. Musical fabric was selected for his love of music and surrounds the heart shaped photo of Michael and Lily."
Taisha Rodriguez Galloway 1992 – 2005 "Taisha was a miracle child. All the doctors used to say would never walk. The child they said that wouldn't do anything played, ran, sang. Everyone that knew her loved her kindness and sweetness."

Jerry Jones 1948 - 2007 "My father always helped people all of his life. He is your father, brother, friend, companion, plumber, electrician, mover, mechanic. This square means a lot because people are able to see and know how much of a dedicated person he was."