About Us

About Us

The Story Behind the Name

LiveOnNY is meant to convey the duality and positivity of organ and tissue donation. Through donation, recipients and donors live on. Recipients live on through the selfless act of donors. Donors live on via a legacy made stronger as a result of their donation, and they live on through others.

We Can't Do It Without You

As LiveOnNY, we ask you to join us. Join us in fulfilling the promise of this great cause for the 13 million New Yorkers we serve. Join us in making New York number one in lives saved through donation. Join us in elevating the care for donors, and donor families. Join us in helping New Yorkers, and New York to live on. 

We’re New York.

We hail from six continents and speak more than 120 languages and dialects. We love life. We’re passionate, tough, demanding and outspoken.

That’s why LiveOnNY is proud to serve New York.

Check out our Long Live New York marketing campaign and our animated short film at www.LongLiveNY.org. Long Live New York taps into the New York pride and compassion for New Yorkers to inspire New Yorkers to fight for New York by rallying around those waiting for a life saving organ and celebrating those who step up to save them.

Long Live New Yorkers...Long Live New York!